The topic of “free lunch meals in high schools” is a hot topic. Even the Cabinet is considering providing free meals. Reason for Addition to encourage this. That’s why we decided to sponsor TommyTomato. TommyTomato turns elementary school children into real vegetable eaters. They do this by providing children with hot vegetarian lunches in the classroom. These lunches contain all the vegetables a child needs on that day. Parents pay for lunch.

Is that really necessary right now? Yes indeed, currently only 1% of children in the Netherlands eat enough vegetables. This is mainly because as one of the few countries in Europe, we only eat vegetables once a day (often in the evening). In addition, numerous studies show that opportunity inequality begins in the lunchroom. By offering the same lunch to every child, you lower the inequality of opportunity in the classroom and increase children’s happiness in life.

TommyTomato believes that learning to eat vegetables should be accessible to every child and that money should never be the reason for not participating. That’s why the TommyTomato Foundation was created.

TommyTomato Foundation

TommyTomato Foundation is there for those parents who cannot (completely) afford TommyTomato’s vegetable lunch for their child(ren). The premise is that parents always pay something and the foundation supplements. TommyTomato Foundation is supported by businesses and individuals who care about children’s health and equity. Since its inception in 2021, more than 1,000 children have been helped and many tens of thousands of vegetable lunches have been donated.

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