DEX Regulatory Suite gives financial institutions the option to validate the reports in advance. With DEX Regulatory Suite you also get rid of new implementations when legislation and regulations are updated. The innovative data point model is updated as standard, so that you are always compliant.


DEX Regulatory Suite gives financial institutions the option to validate the reports in advance

DEX Data Explorers has developed intelligent software that automates part of the reporting process. All reports that are generated meet the requirements of the regulator. Several Dutch banks and insurers already use DEX Regulatory Suite for their legally required reports. DEX Regulatory Suite generates the following reports:

  • MiFID ii
  • solvency
  • Financial Assessment Scheme (FTK)
  • DNB Digital Reporting (DRA)
  • Country Risk
  • AnaCredit / Residential Real Estate / Commercial Real Estate
  • Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  • FINREP / COREP / Asset Encumbrance / Funding Plans / Supervisory Benchmarking Portfolio
  • Social Economic Reports
  • SFTR
  • EMIR
  • Premium Pension Institutions
  • stress test
  • Tax reporting: VIA / Fatca
  • Prospectus
  • MSR
  • SFDR


Financial reports are complex and take a lot of time. DEX RS makes reporting simpler and more efficient and generates time that you can spend on higher reporting quality.

Why financial companies are moving to DEX Regulatory Suite:

  • Always compliant with the requirements of national and international regulators such as EBA, EIOPA, DNB and AFM
  • Much lower cost than traditional packages.
  • Can be used for validating results from other packages.
  • Analysis tools for mapping your own data sets with the supervisor’s model.


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