Team Power Against Duchenne cycled Duchenne Heroes for the 7th time last September. This year’s team consisted of 3 cycling participants, 1 chaperone and 5 volunteers. The team is related to 5 families each with a son who has Duchenne disease. The commitment within the team is great and so is the closeness to these families. On MountainBike, they once again took on the challenge of cycling 700 km, in 7 days, through 4 countries. Starting in Germany and via Luxembourg and Belgium this time to finish place Vaals in the Netherlands. See route appendix.

A wonderful amount was raised again this year for Duchenne Parent Project of €1,002,335. Our team has no less than
€25,545.37 cycled together!

As Addition Knowlegde House, we are immensely proud of the Power Against Duchenne team. The perseverance, commitment and enormous involvement in this project touches us every year. We are grateful that Addition Knowledge House was able to contribute again this year to make this achievement by the Power Against Duchenne team possible.

Watch images from stage 1

Duchenne must be eliminated from the world and medication must continue to be developed! What is Duchenne ?

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a very serious, inherited disease in which muscle tissue slowly breaks down. Children with Duchenne get the disease because of a mistake on their X chromosome. Because of this error, the body does not know how to produce the protein dystrophin for the muscle cell wall. As a result, the muscles do not function properly and slowly one muscle function after another falls away. Due to the breakdown of muscle tissue, Duchenne patients end up in a wheelchair around adolescent age. The development of new treatment methods has increased the life expectancy of patients to over 30 years. But even now, patients die before the age of 20 because of untreatable problems. Duchenne disease often affects boys and almost no girls. This is because girls have two X chromosomes, so the body can find the information for making dystrophin in the second X chromosome.

More information about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy can be found at

Meanwhile, the Power against Duchenne team has already signed up again for 2023. You can find her at :