INVITATION Webinar SFDR July 8, 2021 at 4:00 PM

The EU has set out its sustainability ambitions in the EU Action Plan for Sustainable Finance. The Information Regulation (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) and Taxonomy Regulation are part of this.

How should sustainability risks be reported, what implementation issues do financial organizations face and how can financial organizations tailor implementation to their sustainable ambitions? These questions will be answered during the webinar.

The webinar will be given in Dutch via MS Teams. It will be an interactive session with plenty of room for questions. If you have a question that you would like to see addressed by our speakers, please send it to prior to the webinar.

Addition Knowledge House, together with 4ESG Consulting, is organizing a webinar on Thursday, July 8, 2021 from 4-5 PM with the following topics:

Session #1 – June 30, 2021 16.00 – 16.20

Legislation, all ins and out.

Miranda Haak, partner at 4ESG Consulting

The new European sustainability legislation affects all financial institutions. Even if an institution does little or nothing with sustainability, action will have to be taken. The new legislation is extensive and complex. Miranda will look back on how financial parties have implemented level 1 of the SFDR, what the requirements are from SFDR level 2 and the Taxonomy and what the interfaces are between these regulations.

Miranda Haak

Miranda is a partner at 4ESG Consulting. She has worked for law firms, regulators, asset managers, mortgage and lenders, regulated exchanges for 23 years. Miranda is a lawyer specializing in environmental and financial law, environmental expert and program manager. She is also a supervisory director at Afvalzorg NV

Session #2 – June 30, 2021 16.20 – 16.40

Sustainability Risk Reports

Harm Prins, partner at DEX Data Explorers

Following the entry into force of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), many participants in financial markets and financial advisors will be subject to new reporting requirements from 10 March 2021. SFDR prescribes rules to promote both the integration of sustainability risks into investment processes and reporting to investors. To support the SFDR processes, Addition provides DEX Regulatory Suite for SFDR. DEX RS generates regulatory reports using the SFDR specifications.

Harm Prins

Harm is a partner at DEX Data Explorers, specialist in Regulatory reporting. Harm is an administrative computer scientist and has extensive experience in the government, the insurance industry and the banking world, with the focus in recent years mainly on setting up regulatory reporting and data management. Within DEX Data Explorers, Harm is ultimately responsible for the development of the DEX Regulatory Suite package. Addition is a business partner of DEX Data Explorers.

Session #3 – 30 June 2021 16.40 – 17.00

Implementation SFDR

Bas Knol, partner at 4ESG Consulting

Financial institutions have different ambitions in the field of socially responsible investment (SRI). This is not only reflected in the instruments that are used to realize these SRI ambitions, but also in the way in which sustainability legislation is implemented. Bas will consider the relationship between the level of ambition and how the SFDR and Taxonomy can be implemented and what implementation issues financial institutions encounter.

Bas Knol

Bas Knol is a partner at 4ESG Consulting. He has worked for asset managers, pension funds, banks and insurance companies for 30 years. Since 2014, he advises financial institutions on socially responsible investment (SRI). Bas is an organizational sociologist, register investment analyst (RBA), register pension administrator (RPB) and certified privacy professional. He is treasurer at the True Nature Foundation.

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