What do you mean, always HBO?

Demand for KYC/CDD remains high

The demand for CDD/KYC analysts is still high and is expected to remain high in the coming years. People with a college degree who want to get started as KYC/CDD analysts and are not too old can count on warm interest from recruiters. With the checkmarks in the right place, scoring is quick, safe and easy. If you are already showing some gray hairs and/or do not have the official proof that you have an HBO level of thinking and working, the practice is that most recruiters give up in advance. This is unfortunate because there can be very good reasons why people did not successfully complete an HBO degree or want to change tack later in life. Especially after two years of Corona.

It is also questionable whether so many of the open positions require HBO level at all. Using the Dutch Qualifications Framework (NLQF)eight different levels of education can be distinguished. Level 8 represents someone with a PhD and 1 represents a VMBO degree. A completed bachelor, HBO AND WO is graded at level 6. Scaling is done using the indicators of knowledge, skills, environment and responsibility. The indicators are then developed into different dimensions. Yet by comparing the NLQF levels with the competencies needed for the specific job, the pond from which to fish can suddenly be a lot larger.