Addition Knowledge House (AKH) provides recruitment solutions for her clients; banks, insurers, pension funds, asset managers and custodians. Our Director Client Management, Djoeke Leistra, has more than 20 years of experience in recruiting positions within the Financial Markets division of our clients. Djoeke has worked as an assessor and this knowledge helps us finding the right candidate for the open vacancies within your organization. In addition to in-depth knowledge of the content of the different positions,  AKH distinguishes itself through its intensive contact with clients. We understand the needs within your organization. This ensures that we not only screen knowledge and skills, but also the personality of the candidate when looking for a match for your organization. Our candidates are always screened extensively: VAR, PES, VOG, diplomas, ID and references. You can therefore be sure that the candidates we propose are reliable and proficient.

Addition Knowledge House has experience in recruiting students, recent graduates and Young Professionals. Our students and recent graduates will be happy to assist you during the busy periods through a part-time job. We are always have a suitable match for you; students with and without work experience in the financial sector are ready to support you! Our Young Professionals have several years of work experience and can therefore strengthen your team immediately. We not only recruit, supervise and payroll our students and Young Professionals, we also guide and support them by offering courses and organizing seminars. Together we invest in the professionals of the future.

As a client, you can expect advice and support from Addition Knowledge House in addition to completing your vacancies. We are there to help you with your strategic Human Resource (HR) issues. Our online platform is a Borrow & Lending platform where you can borrow or lend your professionals to other companies within the sector. This way  you will keep your professional tied to your company but also on the same time allow them to grow professionaly and personally. In addition this way you reduce the costs and liability for the period the professional is borrowed. If you want to borrow or lend a candidate BankBook manages all contracts. The employee remains employed by his or her original employer and works on a project basis with the client. You will not be bothered with the paperwork. The Lender will receive the cost of the employee based on the hours worked and the hirer pays the cost plus administrative costs.

Addition Knowledge House also provides the contracting and payroll of ZZP-ers for your organization. You have one contact point and hereby limit the chain and lender liability (Law Chain Liability). Suppliers have a contract with Addition Knowledge House. We take care of all payments, legal and administrative procedures.


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