Dimension projects

Addition Knowledge House is your business partner for users who want to set up Dimension modules (off-shore). Together with the customer we set up the business case and define the desired functionality.

We work closely with international Dimension specialists who are screened and entitled to work on the systems. To achieve our goals we define a project with the right scope and fixed milestones. We provide project management and consultancy, focusing on business analysis, data analysis, current setups and performance analysis.

We are familiar with the following expertise: Front Office, Middle Office, Back office, Connectivity, Pricing and Systems. Whether it is Asset Manager, Compliance Manager, Portfolio Manager, Performance Measurements, Index and Benchmark, Settlement STP, Securities Finance Manager, Data Extractor or Instrument Pricing. We are able to discuss all desired adjustments and indicate what in-scope is and what is out-of-scope.

Our method is a thorough project approach with proper scoping that results in turnkey delivery of desired functionality. External developers use tokens (remote access keys) to connect to the customer portal, creating a separate environment with access to Word / Excel / Shared Drive / Development and Dimension.

In 2015, we successfully completed the Spread Duration project for one of our customers. In this project we have implemented new pricing models for derivatives. Are you interested, ask us for the terms.

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