About Bankbook

Bank Book’s mission is to be THE online recruitment and knowledge platform for the financial services sector. A platform where the supply and demand of candidates and clients come together. Bankbook provides transparency of available talent, temporary or permanent, and allows organisations to advertise their vacancies and temporary assignments free of charge. Candidates have direct access to the jobs available in the sector and can be found more easily by companies. Would you as a company or organization rather not directly hire a temporary employee? Bankbook will then take on the broker function for you and take care of contracting and payroll so you run no risk.

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Posting a vacancy is free and speedily arranged. You can reach exactly those candidates with interest, experience and specialisation in the financial sector. You can also search our database for suitable candidates and with one touch of a button invite them to apply. How can you post a job or interim assignment on our platform? You can simply fill out the form below and then immediately start placing your vacanciesYou can send the applications to your email address or via a link to the vacancy page of your own website.


Are you working in the financial sector or are you a starter or student looking for work in the financial sector? Subscribe now and get access to jobs, temporary jobs, internships and / or traineeships in your sector.

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